1. California

From the recording Kailua Moon (Limited EP)


Verse 1:
I just want that L.A. good vibe
Yes, I'll take that cheese with that California wine
Just a good intention of
Having a really good time

Verse 2:
We will take it to the mountains, take it to the sea
Cruise through the valley, spray that glamor over me
Lights, camera, action, watch; I'll be the next big thing

Pre-Chorus 1:
Cast your eyes to the neon lights and billboard signs
Making my way to Hollywood and Vine

Oooh, oooh, California love,
Nothing better than this weather,
No rainclouds up above
Oooh, oooh, California love,
Feel the breeze in the trees
Let it tease you with that California love
Oooh, California love

Verse 3:
We can strut down that famous boulevard,
Make something out of nothing, just call it avant-garde
We can chill in the hills or go match our hands among the stars

Pre-Chorus 2:
Get some cool shades for the blazing rays
Just keep on singing all along the way